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One Local File in Playlist won't sync

One Local File in Playlist won't sync

The song is 'Icehouse' by 'Icehouse' on the album 'Icehouse'.


Some facts:


1. The album is not available on Spotify

2. All the 'other' songs on the playlist associated with that local album sync (no firewall issues, all the other local files sync just fine).

3. I can remove the download and re-download that playlist, and all the file sync 'except' that file.

4. Interesting to note, though my local file has all of it's detail properties set appropriately, identifying it as being from the album 'Icehouse'.  When I view that local file in my 'local files' or on the playlist I made, it indicates it comes from "White Heat: 30 Hits - The Best Of (Remastered".


So, it's like Spotify is 'usurping' my local file, claiming it's something else that I don't have, which is not available on Spotify, and then not letting my download it?


How do if fix that local file in Spotify so it will again sync to my phone?

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