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Only Left Ear playing bluetooth with AirPods and Beats with iPhone X and Spotify

Only Left Ear playing bluetooth with AirPods and Beats with iPhone X and Spotify

Both airpods work in overy other App as well as my phone.  However with Spotify, only one ear plays I've been on phone with Apple tech support.  I've logged out and back in of App, updated it and also rebooted phone - which has latest update.  Only one ear will play music with Spotify...but plays both ears on other services.

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Had the same problem with my Mac and found out some how my music balance settings got set to the right ear. Sometimes it is the simplist things. 


Check that out, the balance settings for your Iphone.Screen Shot 2019-09-12 at 11.22.50 AM.png


To adjust the volume balance, head to Settings > General > Accessibility. Here, you can adjust the left/right volume balance or set the audio to mono. When you move the slider to one side or the other, that headphone will be much louder than the other.

Thank you! I had the same problem with my Sony headphones and this solved it.

Holy cow, this was the issue. Thank you so much!

Thank you SO MUCH!!! I had this issue for months now and it nearly drove me crazy, already wanted to buy new headphones... and all of a sudden with one click it's solved 😄 I'm the happiest person right now 😄 THANK YOU!!

Thank you! I also had this problem on Mac OS and it turned out that my audio balance slider had somehow moved changed to the far right. Like many others that have replied to this very post, I am also really happy right now. THANK YOU 😊

Thanks! This was the issue

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