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'Only local files synced' - issues with syncing ipod, and it has duplicated songs

'Only local files synced' - issues with syncing ipod, and it has duplicated songs

I signed my Dad up to Spotify as I told him he would love it, however, he wanted to keep all of his current songs on his ipod.  I plugged his ipod in, chose to 'Backup, erase & sync' his ipod and now all of his songs are back on his ipod (now via spotify) but lots are duplicated! More than once. As well as this, in the 'devices > ipod' section in the Spotify software navigation bar, it has a weird little 'only local files synced'. So not only has it duplicated his ipod songs more than once, it won't sync his starred and playlists that he has created on Spotify. I was going to just give up and sync back to his backed up ipod but I now can't find the back up file!


Any help would be much appreciated. Even if you know how to revert back to the backed up ipod...

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Hey @hmr1990 🙂 


Are there duplicates shown in the desktop client under "Local Files" on the left hand menu? 

If so, it sounds like Spotify has imported all of your tracks twice, check Edit/Spotify > Preferences > Local Files to see where it is pulling them from. 


Also, be aware you can not sync any content from the Spotify catalogue to an iPod nano, classic or shuffle as it does not have a supported Spotify app, hence why you get the local file synced message. There is more information about that here



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