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Other user playlists (e.g. Topsify) on the iOS app

Other user playlists (e.g. Topsify) on the iOS app

Hi all,


Forgive me if I'm being stupid, but have other user's playlists (like the Topsify Top 40 one) gone from the app?


There could be somewhere I'm not looking but it's not appearing in search.


Thanks a lot,




Twitter: @RichArrowsmith
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Same for me. I've always looked for playlists of any kind of music but now I can't find any playlists. As you say playlists have gone from the app. And for Mac OSx or windows versions, it's happening the same, although you can search them by typing "playlist:" and the name of the playlist you want to find. I hope this will be fixed soon, cause I think is one of the best things Spotify have.

I agree with it being one of the best things. Do love a good browse of other people's playlists!


I wonder if any of the Spotify bods know if this is something that's coming to the app or if it's gone forever?






Twitter: @RichArrowsmith

Hi again, it seems like, at least for me, it has been fixed. I'm now on my windows spotify, I have looked for "cena" ("dinner" in spanish), and some results have appeared as playlists, apart from albums and artists. I think something wrong happened but they are trying to fix it. Apart from that I have red that a lot of users lost their own playlists since las update, so I think they are recreating them.

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