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Paid for premium but won't activate in app

Paid for premium but won't activate in app

I have paid for premium service, it has been deducted from my account but still no activation in the app. I have tried deleting and reinstalling the app with no luck.
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Why is there no option to speak over the phone with customer service? I have paid for a service with no way to contact the provider other then these forums or contact forms on the website, Which the reply to that said to check the forums. I'm calling bull **bleep**.

Hi Darenphilips, just for the sake of being thorough, take a look at this thread and try what's listed there. As far as the contact form goes, you need to reply to the automated message directing you to these forums and support will typically get back to you within 24-48 hours. Hope this helps.

The thread you included says "An invalid set of parameters has been specified in the url". Again getting nowhere.

Bam! I've been struggling with links lately. 

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