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Performance issue

Performance issue

Since the update to 6.8, I'm having issues with the performance of the app on my Ipod touch 5th gen. On a fresh start nothing is wrong, but after some minutes the issues appears. Scrolling is delayed by 4-5 seconds, selecting another song as well. Clicking an active song so it opens the screen where you can see the cover can take up to 20 seconds. Re-installing the app did no good.

Got my Iphone 4 (iOS 7.1.2) up and running again, when I tried to update it gave a warning that spotify could not be updated to latest version and if I agreed updating to latest possible version. I did, and it still updated to version 6.8. And it has the same issues as my iPod.

I use these devices is my car. Using 6.8 on my iPhone6 gives no issues.

Are these older devices no longer compatible? I mean, the spotify app gets worse and worse with every update, where more **bleep** is introduced which takes up more memory.

Is anyone else having these issues or does someone have a solution? And is it possible to downgrade Spotify for use on older devices?
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