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Playlist Modification Problem

Playlist Modification Problem

I am a longtime user and create lots of Playlists; having a unique problem with them that I never had before.   I can still move songs within a playlist but can no longer move them further than the distance of the display window.  In other words, if the open window on my MAC or PC at work shows 14 songs at a time (for example; that seems to be average), I can move those 14 songs up and down but only within that 14-song space.  I used to be able to move them anywhere I wished; for example, I used to be able to move song #52 of a playlist with song #17 and then move song #2 to song #22's spot, etc.   Now the songs stops at the top or bottom of the screen and I an unable to efficiently modify a playlist.   Suggestions please?   Thanks!!

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