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Playlist Suddenly Stopped Syncing on ipod touch

Playlist Suddenly Stopped Syncing on ipod touch

As of yesterday, the playlists on my ipod touch are no longe syncing to what's on the computer. for instance, I updated a few playlists yesterday. One of them had 13 songs, it now has 23. However, my ipod won't update with what's on the computer. And a new playlist I created won't sync, either.


I have logged in and out of both accounts, rebooted everything,and nothing is working.


I have a 5th Gen, 32GB ipod touch, and it has about 20GB left, so space is not an issue. Help!! I need these playlists for cycling classes I need, and I'm desperate.

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@bgretzner I heard of issues lately of local files too.. But I've seen a solution where they put a few local files on a playlist and sync and it worked fine
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