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Playlist contents and names not being cached

Playlist contents and names not being cached

I'm on an iPhone 5S with iOS 7.1.1. Whenever Spotify needs to re-open becaue it was closed by iOS or my phone is rebooted I have no local cache of playlists contents. The only way I get the playlists to re-sync with the host is by opening them when they are labeled as "Loading...". I've deleted the app, rebooted my phone repeatedly, logged out and in, etc. with no luck. Any suggestions?

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I've seen this happen before on previous versions but thought it was solved. How many playlists do you have?

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Definitely more than the average user, likely 200. I have a sizeable folder that I use as my library because of the 10,000 song limit in Your Music.

I will say this, support has been pretty worthless and unresponsive. Pretty frustrating to not even get a "We know this is a bug and will be corrected" response.

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