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Playlist disappears with 3G connection.

Playlist disappears with 3G connection.



So, not sure if this is a feature or a fault to be honest. 


However, I have recently encountered a frustrating problem. I should preface this by saying, I know that there are ways to avoid this problem, I just think it shouldn't be engineered this way. 


On a Monday morning, when my phone has the Discover Weekly playlist from last week downloaded on it, I can start to listen to it whilst travelling to work. However, for 3 weeks in a row now (I've clearly not learnt my lesson), I've been caught out, because my phone enters a 3G connection area, connects with Spotify's servers and realises that the playlist has been updated.


Now since I've prevented playlist updates unless over Wifi, what I think should happen is that I should be able to continue to listen to the old stored playlist, until I enter wifi at which point it updates. What actually happens is that the Spotify servers note that the playlist is out of date, and blocks the playlist from being played. So 5 minutes into my 1:30 journey to work, I find myself without music to listen to. 


I love the Discover Weekly playlist, but don't like how this feature interacts with it. 

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