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Playlist download stuck on waiting

Playlist download stuck on waiting

Plan: Premium

Country: USA



(iPhone 11 Pro, Macbook Air)

Operating System

(iOS 13.3, MacOS 10.14.6)


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I have a new installation of Spotify on my Mac. I am trying to sync local files from the Mac to be available on my iPhone. I have a handful of playlists, and started the download for them - both on the Mac, and on the iPhone. The download started and some songs and playlists synced, but then the whole thing got stuck. There is no apparent progress, and every playlist where I started the download is saying "Waiting" on the Mac or "Waiting to download" on the iPhone. This has been stuck this way for 4 hours. I reinstalled Spotify on the Mac, and there is no change.


What are the troubleshooting steps to take? I searched through all the help, and don't see anything useful other than the suggestion to reinstall, which did not help. The download clearly worked initially, because some songs/playlists synced. What I especially can't understand is what is the purpose of downloading the playlists on my Mac, if the files are local to the Mac to begin with? And if these files are local, why are the downloads stuck? I confirmed that the Mac and the iPhone have plenty of free space: 150 GB on the Mac and 30 GB on the iPhone. They are on the same WiFi.

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I spent about an hour with Spotify tech support on this, without resolving the issue, and without much real help either. They had me restart my router, which seemed to get the downloads unstuck, but only temporarily. With many things that I tried, I eventually learned that restarting the app on my iPhone usually gets the downloads unstuck, but only for a few songs, then it gets stuck again. Reinstalling is not a solution - that wipes out what was already downloaded, and the downloads keep getting stuck after reinstall. I am trying to sync less than 1000 songs, so this is well below the 10,000 limit I saw on one of the forum posts.

This is extremely frustrating. Seeing how prevalent this issue is in the forums, Spotify must be well aware of it, and given how long it has been around it is inexcusable that this is still not fixed...

Hey @xyzzyy,


Could you also try using the Sign Out Everywhere and Remove Offline Devices from your Spotify account page?

Make sure to have the latest macOS updates installed.


Keep me posted 🙂

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