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Playlist not syncing to iPhone or iPad...

Playlist not syncing to iPhone or iPad...


Right just signed up for Premium subscription. In Spotify desktop app (mac) I have one playlist. With 106 tracks.
I want those tracks on my iPhone/iPad and to be able to take them offline.

Ive installed spotify on both, opened the apps, and it does not show any playlists. I just get Starred and Local Files (and Inbox)

No playlist shows up. I tried "Starring" a couple of tracks and these do not show up in the "Starred" playlist either.


Am i missing anything here? This seems cr@p. 

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OK, Ive now got 111 tracks in my "starred" playlist (on my iPhone) that are not on the desktop app. ? WTF?

Having the same problem here. Been a Spotify Premium subscriber for several years and haven't had this problem before. I tried removing the app from my iPad and reinstalling, but that was a mistake, as I've now lost all of my playlists on my iPad. No problems with my PC or my Android phone.

the mac app and the iphone app don´t sync:smileysad:

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