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Playlist not updating

Playlist not updating






iPhone SE and Samsung computer

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iOS 10 and Windows 7


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I was regularly listening to the pre-populated Chill Hits playlist that spotify includes. I ended up downloading it, but realized that it wasn't updating the songs anymore. So I clicked the bar to turn the download off, and unsubsribed as well, but the songs will not update. When I googled the playlist, I can see that there are new songs on it, but when I click the playlist from my phone or spotify app on my computer, it still shows the playlist version that I had downloaded. How can I get it updated?


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Hey @kmund.


Thanks for your question 🙂


We recently made editorial playlists like Chill Hits more personalised to the user, so that these playlists will now take into account your listening habits and adapt the playlist to reflect your taste more accurately.


The standard playlist which you're seeing when you search for it on the web will keep being updated on a regular basis. We suggest that, as a workaround to this, you manually add the songs from the standard playlist to a separate playlist on your account.


If you're unhappy with these changes, then there's an idea in the Community which you can vote for here regarding this. 


Hope that helps! Let us know if you have any other questions about this 😉

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