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Playlist order doesn't make sense

Playlist order doesn't make sense

It just takes every song in each playlist and puts them in a completly random order.  What makes it worse is you cant sort them in any way that I have been able to figure out.  at least add a sort alphabeticly and by date added option please!  Makes finding that one song I want to hear a pain in the ass.  On my computer I can do this easily.


I dont get why it just wouldnt put them in any type of order that makes sense...  its completly random.

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Hey 🙂


Playlist sorting has already been suggested over on the Ideas Exchange, so you might want to head over there and give it some kudos if you would like it implemented 😉

Also to my knowledge, and at least on my BlackBerry playlists are sorted in the order that you added tracks to them!



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This thread is 6 months old and has 84 comments requesting better mobile music sorting.


Spotify are now finally "considering implementing" the feature.


Hopefully within the next 6 - 24 months they will actually implement it.

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