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Playlist won't repeat

Playlist won't repeat

I know the repeat function is supposed to repeat a whole playlist, not a song, but it doesn't work consistently.
Often I will only hear 3 or 4 songs before playback stops and I'm forced to hit next or select another song.
Anyone else having this issue?
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After playing through a few more songs today I think I have found the issue - it seems to stop after playing any of my local files.
The playlist is set to shuffle and repeat but whenever a local file is played it will stop, forcing me to hit next or choose a new song.

Mine is doing the exact same thing! It's really starting to get annoying... I think mine started doing it right after an mp3 download site I went to made me download some kind of codec that, from what I can tell, is nearly impossible to uninstall. Let me know if you find a way to fix it.

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