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Playlists won't download on IPad

Playlists won't download on IPad

When I mark a playList for download it never makes any progress.  I am using an Ipad (3)

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Have you tried uninstalling then reinstalling the app?

I'm having the same issue. At first my what's new wouldn't play so uninstalled and installed app now what's new works and I can't now download my playlists! Funnily enough both functions have continued to work on my iPhone!! This is so frustrating and given it takes so long to download playlists even when it is working I can't keep reinstalling every time there is a glitch in the system!!! 

I am having same problem on Ipad2 (but not iphone).New won't play, playlists won't play, even radio won't play. All started after new upgrade:( if I uninstall and re install willthis cause my playlists to disappear or will they re install??? I saw a posting that said after re install person could not download their playlist.  For paying customers this is not acceptable and seems no Spotify assistance is evera forthcoming. Help!!


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