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Playlists won't sync

Playlists won't sync

Over the past week me and a mate have both been using spotify on the latest iOS and when we make playlists, either our own custom ones or an album that's already set up, try to sync it and it gets 2 or 3 songs in then a little orange ! Appears next to the track. It's been happening none stop and spotify is literally just a streaming app to us now it's completely useless. Also you still can't edit the positions of tracks in your playlists despite someone answering that question already in here saying you can, YOU CAN'T!

To be honest I'm really getting sick of spotify it's really slow and now it won't even sync I might as well be using YouTube, at least they've got more songs on there! I sell mobile phones as a job and have been recommending spotify to people for nearly a year, I must have brought you guys in a few hundred new customers but if these issues aren't sorted soon I'll be doing the exact opposite and warning the thousands of people I speak to each year to stay well away.
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same here it wont sync my local files to my phone i uninstalled the ap on my iphone 5 i also closed spotify on my mac and it still does not sync please help

Nearly a week now and still no answer from them!!! SPOTIFY ARE SO **bleep**!!!! I'm staying in London all next week at my mates I'm gonna go to the head office and have a word I think haha.

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