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Please help explain local files

Please help explain local files

I am a premium subscriber with an Ipod classic I have been trying for a month now to get help from the techs Forget it!!! They don't reply. I need to know if my playlist can be transferred to my Ipod or do I have to purchase tracks.

I can not get any of my playlists on to the Ipod it makes me wonder if this is not a facility I can use.

I had Napster and could transfer my lists to the mp3 and update once a month please someone can you explain to me how this works.



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I'm sorry to hear that you are still without response from Spotify.


I take a look into this for you.


With iPod Classic you need to transfer local files. So in other words you can transfer your Spotify streamable tracks from it's catalogue only to iPod Touch, iPhone, Android, Windows Phone etc. All supported devices here.


So you need to buy smartphone or purchase those songs from Spotify, then you can transfer those right away to your iPod.

Thank you but I am now confused and very angry I checked the devices and the new generation classic is supported that is why I spent £200 on a new one are you saying that it is not and I can only use a smart phone?

Where you read about this? In Apple devices Spotify is supported only in iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad.


With other iPod device you only can transfer local files. The reason why Spotify isn't available in your device is simple: Apple does not use a righ OS that can use a Spotify's app. Only Spotify app can play Spotify tracks from it's catalogue. Also Spotify app is needed to collect all your plays with Spotify music - so Spotify can pay to right holders.


Smartphone is good way to enjoy Spotify with or without 3G. You can also download tracks via wifi using Offline mode.

i read it on the site it in the help it said that all ipod is supported except older models unless i have read it wrong but i am really stuck now i have  ausless peice of equipment with a useless music site but thanks for your help

Does Spotify support all iPods?

Spotify supports all models of iPods except the very early, Firewire versions.

Spotify support all iPods for local transfer. But for Offline mode use you need app and you can install this app only to selected iPods and other devices are like smartphones, tablets etc.

I am not a techy person and need to know if i manage to sell my MP3 and I go for an Iphone what do i need to make sure I don't make the same mistake again 



For optimal use with Spotify and mobile, you need Unlimited data plan to your smartphone.


Also you can use a wifi to transfer songs to Offline mode. I recommend a Unlimited 3G to your SIM card, so you can listen Spotify in Online mode without any limits. Offline song limit is 3,333. Also if you feel that wifi and Offline mode is enough, you can purchase iPod Touch. the only one thing you need then is wifi. Because in Touch no 3G mode (in other words no way for sim-card). I suggest a smartphone like iPhone. You can transfer to Spotify then both local and Spotify streamed tracks.


If you have any questions, just ask. I know everything about Spotify.


I use Spotify wih Windows Phone and Unlimited 0.5M 3G data plan. However, iPhone version of Spotify is better - Spotify update it more often.


Also do you have a wifi internet at home? With iPhone you can use Spotify everywhere Online, where your tele operator have EDGE or faster 3G/HSDPA internet connection. And at home you of course can stream with your wifi connection, if you purchase a limited 3G etc. So no need to 3G if you are happy with those 3,333 Offline tracks. All Spotify is asking, is that you need to be connected to Internet once in month, so Spotify can verify your Premium and send listening information for paying to right holders. 🙂

thank you omg i am so confussed I will have to find someone to explain all this to me, I really dont understand all this but thank you anyway


Hey, I can confirm that Spotify does not write clearly on site what iPod is supported etc. Peoples are often asking why they can't transfer Spotify playlist to iPod Nano etc. Information in site isn't clear.


But just ask if you unsure. iPhone with dataplan is good start to Spotify's mobile world. 🙂

In order to transfer Spotify's music files to your device, you need to have a device that can run one of Spotify's mobile apps (iPhone, Android phone, iPod touch, etc).  With a "regular"/old iPod that can't run apps, you can only transfer local files, which are the files that you already own and are on your computer (like songs you purchased from iTunes, ripped from a CD, etc).


Thank you for putting it in idiot speak for me,this is not an "old" Ipod it is a new classic 160gb only bought it 4 weeks ago but as I see it now it is no good for this site can you confirm or can i down load the app to the Ipod?

You only can download Spotify app to iPod Touch from Apple's iPod's.

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