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Podcasts can no longer be Queue'd

Podcasts can no longer be Queue'd

[Premium][iPhone 7 plus][iOS 12.2][Spotify version]

Prior to a few weeks ago I could add podcasts to my play queue, and did so happily before I started every long morning drive.  Now, I can go through all the steps (find the podcast, click on the ..., select "add to queue," get the checkmark and "added to queue" message -- but there is no queue created.  In the now playing screen, the box at lower right still shows the share icon, not a queue icon, there are no forward or back buttons to advance to the next/prior in the queue, and when the current podcast ends, there is no next podcast.  The queue function still works just as always for songs, just not for podcasts.  I have restarted the app, deleted it and reloaded it, logged out and in again. I have searched this board, and found a user in Brazil who had the same issue a month ago -- he even posted pictures! -- and never got an answer after the initial "here's how you create a queue"  generic answer.  Please help -- without this function it is very hard to use the app while driving. And it worked like a charm for so long....something must have been inadvertantly changed during one of these updates in which the queue function was messed with.

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You would think the Spotify lawyers would prefer that the software doesn't play a role in distracted driving and auto accidents.

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