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Podcasts do not play all, require manual playing

Podcasts do not play all, require manual playing






iPhone X

Operating System

iOS 13.3.1

Spotify Version 8.5.55


My Question or Issue

Previously, when I would go to my Podcasts, I could start playing the most recent podcast and Spotify would continue playing all podcasts that have been posted that day regardless of show. As an example, I would hit play on the first podcast on my list and that podcast would play. As soon as it was done, it would automatically play the next podcast on my list from a different show and continue until all podcasts from that day were complete.


Now, after the first podcast is done, I have to manually press play to get the next podcast to play. I either have to manually add all subsequent podcasts to my queue or I have to press play as mentioned above. I have turned on Autoplay but this does not fix this behavior.


How do I revert Spotify to the previous podcast playback behavior?



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