Podcasts languages

Podcasts languages


Premium - between France/Germany/US

Mac Book Air 13" - 2 different ones / iPhone 6 S


Hey there,


So I think this might be related to the fact I use Spotify on 3 different devices and each of them as a different language setup - yeah...

I sometimes have apps in 3 languages which is pretty funny - see screenshot.


Anyways my question today is regarding podcasts. I would love to listen to French podcasts on my US laptop but only find German podcasts when I use Browse - see screenshot again. And this even though I am currently in Paris with my Spotify account on this laptop set up in English. Well now that's getting complicated...


Any idea how to solve this - also being able to change the language directly in Browse would be SO GREAT. But right now just bein able to find content in the language of my account would be great 😉 Or would I have to change all of my devices languages to the same one??


Thank you!



Screenshot 2019-07-26 at 16.08.07.png
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