Podcasts not saving player position

Podcasts not saving player position

I only ever listen to podcasts on my phone but the player position is never saved correctly between sessions. So if I’m listening to a podcast for a while, take my headphones out and put them away so Spotify auto-pauses (I never open the app) then the player position is saved usually pretty close to where I originally started from for that session, sometimes the beginning. Meaning when I next launch Spotify to play a podcast I have to manually scrub through to find where I was last at. This also means that a lot of my podcasts never get marked as played which is just irritating.


I’m currently regretting switching from Apple Podcasts.


Plan: Premium

Country: UK

Device: iPhone XS Max 

OS: iOS 12.3.1

Spotify: 8.5.7

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I can confirm that this is an ongoing issue on all platforms for me. Sometimes it saves my position in podcasts, and sometimes it just goes back to the beginning. I can literally pause a podcast for  10 minutes and come back to see that it's been set back to the beginning. When do you plan on fixing this Spotify? This is ridiculous. 

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