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Pop Radio station and repeats

Pop Radio station and repeats


So I've figured out a few things:


1. Spotify has a thing for the King of Pop. Seriously, using default 90s radio he appears about every 15-20 tracks. I keep down voting him but he keeps coming back! Nothing against his music, but he seems to be stuck on repeat.


What is the criteria for 'Pop'? Its a bizarre combination of current songs with a few 80s and 90s songs thrown in.


Perhaps it would better to have a 'current charts' type station, like most of your competitors...


2 . General repeats on radio stations. In other genres like 90s, there are tracks repeated way too many times. This happens especially if you go from one station and then back to the first (e.g. play 80s, then 90s, then the day after 80s again. Its like the 80s station starts the algorithm over again and plays you 50% of the same tracks).


If you ever get to installing apps on mobile, hopefully I can focus on these...

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