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Posting Playlists on Facebook: iPhone Always Leads to "Couldn't Open Link"

Posting Playlists on Facebook: iPhone Always Leads to "Couldn't Open Link"

I'm hoping someone knows how to fix the following problem.

I post playlists on my facebook page almost every day, and when somone with an iPhone (iPhone 5S or iPhone 6) trys to click on the playlist link, they always get the following message (after their phone automatically opens the Spotify App):


Couldn't Open Link

Spotify can't open this type of link on this device.


Of course I want people to be able to click on the link from facebook and end up being able to listen to that playlist without just getting this error message, but I'm not sure how to make that message not come up. It doesn't seem to matter if I "share" or "copy playlist link", people with iPhones don't get to access my playlists because of that error.


Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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This happens for me too. If I post a link on Facebook and click it from the Facebook app on my iPad I get the error popup in the Spotify app, but if I go to in safari and click the same link it opens the playlist in Spotify.

Exact same thing happening with me.

Posting a playlist to Facebook and opening it via the FB app on iOS results in the error.

Opening the link via my laptop (Mac/Safari) opens Spotify webpage and plays playlist which is fine.


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