Premium Frustration

I've been having problems with my Spotify Premium subscription for several months and up until recently I thought it was my old iPhone 4 however I have now upgraded to iPhone 5 and I am experiencing the same issues.

- Spotify randomly stops playing and the progress bar disappears. I have to manually close the App and restart, after which I've lost my search and have to find the track/album again. This has been getting increasingly worse and is very frustrating, as you can imagine. I can confirm that this is an issue on a Wireless Broadband connection and a 3G HSPA + connection, with downlink speeds of 9.5Mbps and 2.5Mbps retrospectively.

I can confirm that when I experience this issue I am able to access the internet indicating that my internet connection is working.

- When skipping through a track Spotify jumps and stutters and I have to manually pause the song and then restart it to resume normal playback.

I usually use the "Extreme" streaming option however I have switched to "Normal" and I still experience the issue; I have also disabled Gapless Playback, to no avail.

- Since upgrading to iOS 6 I have found that Spotify will pause a track if I visit a page that contains an embedded YouTube video and I have to return to the previous page and then forward again for the music to resume.

This wasn't an issue in iOS 5 so I am wondering whether this is an iOS feature or a Spotify glitch. I frequently browse blogs, news articles and forums so this can be very disruptive.

- Spotify Album Artwork and Track info isn't displayed correctly on the lock screen and doesn't update when the track changes or it switches to another album.

Also, just out of curiosity when will there be an update for iOS 6/ iPhone 5? I would, as I'm sure many others would, like to take advantage of the new 16:9 screen layout offered with the new iPhone; I appreciate you've probably had lots of request about this however I haven't seen any announcements on the Website or Forums.
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