Premium account no longer working on my ipod

Premium account no longer working on my ipod




I have been using Spotify on ipod with a premium account for about 2 months now (including the trial period). Everything was working fine, when a few days ago, the sound stopped working. I can play my itunes music on the ipod, but with Spotify, there is no sound. It looks like the track is paying, but no sound comes out.


Spotify still works on my macbookpro, and my partner tested my account on his iphone yesterday, and it worked too.


I have tried reinstalling Spotify, but that hasn't worked either. It started working, and then suddenly the sound cuts out again.


Please help.

Thank you.

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Hello there!

Beginning easy 😉
Restart your iPod with all apps closed.

If you try to play a song in 🎧Spotify the timeline goes on? Or didn't you see any time indicated next to the playbar?

did you find the solution to this?



Hey paperdolls!


Would your partner be able to see if his account works on your iPod?

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