Premium account not syncing for almost a month now!


Premium account not syncing for almost a month now!

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Hi there, I really need some help in here! I've been a Premium customer for quite a while and can not absolutely sync anithyng to my iPad! All the music that I previously had has been made unavailable and my device will go hours and hours showing "syncing 1 of 1250!!! Now I'm going aborad next week and will not be able to use my Spotify. What is the advantage of paying the Premium account?

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I have exactly the same problem with my Ipod. Until about one month ago everything worked fine, but now I cannot synchronize anymore and each tune stops after about 50 seconds. Who knows a solution?

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You might want to install the latest update of the Spotify application - it was released just the other day. Pop over to the App Store, and head to the "updates" tab, and there should be an update waiting for you.

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