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Premium account not working on iphone

Premium account not working on iphone

Hi, I have the same problem as lots of people: I bought a premium account but its not working on my iphone. Songs are grey and prompt for premium account. Tried everything, restarting, logging out, reinstalling etc
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Hi Vegeete - I believe you're experiencing the same issue as these users:


Please get in touch via our contact form. Our payments team can help with your subscription via email. 

Absolutely the same for me...I already tried it with a completely new account...same issue...this is really rediculous. 😞


Can someone helo please!

Hey Manuel007 - I can see you've already filled in the contact form which is perfect. One of our agents will get back to you ASAP. 

Same problem! Desktop and Iphone are saying I do not have Premium. Tried to reinstall desktop version but it just opened up the version i already had 😕


Be greatful for a reply email 🙂 (Just sent it off) 



Meredith - you're a moderator here. you need to do more than tell people to use a useless contact form.


get in touch with somebody higher. make it known that the payment system is failing

I have the same problem.


I waiting to receive a solution from the helpdesk

I am having the same issue as everyone else i just renewed my premium and it does not work on my iphone  so now wondering if it has to do with that stupid new software never had prob getting premium after i paid my acct  HMMMM


this is very frustrating. both my iphone and ipad are telling me i dont have premium, but my account status is premium and paid. it's maddening. very very very frustrating way to start actually paying for this service. 


no reply from contact form. 


sounds like this is a big issue, but Spotify is doing nothing to address it. 

@Reves - As I posted right here, this issue was escalated early this morning.


As soon as we have an update we'll let everyone know. I understand this is an annoying issue--we appreciate everyone's patience while we work on this for you. 

Hi Meredith, this seems to be working now for me:-)...I guess I should not be the only one. I did not do anything in particular. When I logged yesterday back evening it just started to show the premium profile and seems to work now. Thank you!

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