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Premium spotify?

Premium spotify?

Ever since I downloaded spotify on my tablet awhile back ive always had free premium on all tablets but never on my phone and on my PlayStation Im able to choose any song Id like but have to listen to ads. Why is that?
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What do you mean by "free premium"? Do you have a Premium account or is it free the first 3 months or so?

If you have premium but it doesn't show on your Spotify app, try logging out and in again and see if that helps.

I've had spotify for just a bout a year now ive signed in and out on
multiple devices. Each tablet (Android) I use i get premium for free able
to chose any song I'd like,save it, sound quality is at the highest, and no
ads, but when I use any Android phone I can't get the same things it says I
need to buy premium but my tablet doesnt say that.

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