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Premium subscription acting erratically

Premium subscription acting erratically

For the first time today (6/6/14) when I started Spotify via desktop I was asked to log in - that was unusual. Had no problems throughout the day. This evening when I tried operating from my iphone 4S, I was prompted to log in - again, unusual. When I did log in, I am able to see the music, but when selected, no music to being played. When I went to my ipad 2, I was asked to login (unusual), but the music is playing, but commercials are playing. I have reinstalled/restarted and nothing is working. Very aggravating...
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Hey there @profilename - It sounds like you mave have unknowingly and inadvertantly (through no fault of your own) created a second account- yes, it happens!  Check this thread to see if it fits your situation, and if the solution works for you.  Good luck!  And reply back if you're still stuck after reading through the contents of the link and following the suggestions.


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Hi @robzim737 -

Thank you for the quick response, however, when I clicked on your link and received this error message;

"You do not have sufficient privileges for this resource or its parent to perform this action.
Click your browser's Back button to continue.
Return to my original page"

I'm still logged in to Spotify (double-checked). I tried searching for "second account" options and didn't see anything that pertained to my situation.

Thanks for the help so far!

Does your account show as premium on this page?

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@Peter - yes, sir it does:

Your Spotify Premium subscription will be automatically renewed 2014-06-18 and charged $9.99 + $0.00 Sales tax every 1 month, unless you cancel your subscription before that time.
Sprint Customers: Users accepting a trial will remain on Spotify Premium and will be billed up to $9.99/mo on their Sprint bill and may cancel at any time.

@Peter and @robzim737 - call off the dogs. My iphone is now working - must have been some sort of glitch on spotify's side last night. Thanks to the both of you for your help. Will post here again if the problem occurs again today/this weekend.

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