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Premium upgrade

Premium upgrade

signed up for a premium account yet my iphone continues to say so many hours left in my free trial, will the premium account kick in,so to say, once that trial ends. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app and no change. Thanks in advance for any help

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dude i feel you i sighned up for premium and it still says that i havent. idk what to do like i just wanna listen to specific songs not the radio 

I have the same issue! Signed up for premium but iphone does not recognize that! And wont let me listen to anything but radio

same!!! im finding alot of people with the same issue it must be a server thing then... this is a horrible first impression of this haha

well then its time to cancel the service and go back to pandora and sirius satellite

I'm having the exact same problem as of today... I was premium and my card expired, I edited my account info, and my computer now works, but my iphone doesn't recognize my premium account...


I've tried reinstalling the app with no success.


Really thinking of trying out MOG if I can't get this working...

Hi everyone! Let's see if we can diagnose and resolve these issues.


First, make sure you verify through the Spotify website that you have been approved and are actively running on a subscription of Spotify Premium. If you are, you may have to wait a bit as it does take time for the data to synchronize across all of your devices.


With the Spotify app on a mobile device, what you're going to do is make sure you log out of Spotify completely. Exit the application. Shut it off completely (for iDevices, utilize the double-click the home button method). After that, you can remove the application from your mobile device completely. Perform a full reboot of the device. Re-install the application and login one more time. This should force the application to retrieve the most up-to-date information from the servers.


Best of luck, :).

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