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Hi I've had Spotify for ages now and yesterday I started the 30 day free trial for Spotify premium now it works fine with wifi but as soon as I come off it stops working, someone please help I really need it to work for aeroplane mode. Thank you
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Hi! In order to work with aeroplane mode, you first need to "download" the music you like: for example I made some playlists e hit the sliding button "available offline" (not sure what's your language, my spotify is in Italian..) that is present in the playlist section.

The download is only available when you are connected to a wifi, so even if you hit "available offline", the program will wait for your device to be connected to a wifi.

In the end, in order to start the app spotify, you need to connect to the internet, otherwise it can't "remember" your setting, and it freezes (at least, it does so with my iphone 4s). When the app is started, you can switch to aeroplane mode, and the app lets you play only the offline music you already downloaded.

have a nice day!

Merhaba, premium için ilk 3 ay ve ilk 30 gün gibi hediyeleri almak istediğimde sürekli olarak baglantı kurulamadı yeniden dene hatasi almaktayim. Kart bilgilerimin alınacağı ekrana bir turlu gidemiyorum. İyi gunler

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