Privacy concerns


Privacy concerns

Casual Listener

I log on to Spotify through my Facebook account and don't want people seeing all of the content I have playing at all times.  It's not bad content, but I don't like it being advertised on Facebook or even Spotify.  I thought I had eliminated this problem, as my FB settings are only visible to "Only Me" for Spotify, and I don't let Spotify post on my behalf.  But I was disgusted to see a bunch of my playlists (some that I even made 10 years ago) were publicly visible!  One of my friends even messaged me about a song I was listening to and recommended another. 

As a paying member, I shouldn't have to be this concerned about Spotify exploiting my privacy.  How do I make my Facebook and music profile 100% invisible to others on Spotify?


Thank you all kindly for your help. :)