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Problem playing Spotify on my new docking station

Problem playing Spotify on my new docking station



Im using a iPhone 4 with the iOS 6.01 on it. I got a Altec iMT810 docking station as a christmas gift and when i try connecting my iPhone to it it connects and plays music for about 2-3sek then pauses. When i push play again it plays for about 2-3sek again and pauses. Tried in both online and synced offline playlist.


I tried my girlfriends Iphone and its the same issue with her (iphone 4 iOS 6.01). I went back to the shop and they tested the docking station with another iphone with iOS 6.01 and also a Iphone 4 not 4s and it worked great.


I read stuff about similar issues and have deactivated all Location Services. Also tried with reinstalling spotify... both the iOS 4 app and the latest with same result. Anyone who can give me some help?


Iphone 4

iOS 6.0.1 (10A523)

NOT jailbreak

6-7 playlists

Spotify version Spotify Core

Operator 3 sweden

Spotify user : jockekarlsson1234





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Try double tapping the home menu on your iPhone and closing down every app. Then, only open up Spotify, and then place your device in the dock. Try playing it now - Should hopefully work fine.
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Hello! No i've allready tried that... i tried it once again without success. The docking doesnt open iPod which ive have read of might be a issue. So the only app running is Spotify and iPod works fine teith the docking station.

Hey! Hmm, okay - Try restarting your phone, and trying Spotify in the dock again.
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I did the reinstallation that was announced in the FAQ which includes reboot. So its allready restarted several times... that one was the first i tried since i have had problems with spotify pausing when phone gets into stand by connected throu bluetooth in my companys car.

Hmm, it's entirely possible that this might be down to incompability. While some docks work just fine with Spotify, others do experience issues when playing back with Spotify. You can read a little more about why this might be here

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The thing is that i went back to the store to reaclaim it cause it didnt work as promised. The Service guy there used the same model of iPhone (4 not 4s) with the same iOS (6.0.1) and it worked perfectly. So i dont think its a issue with compatiblity? Is there any way i can get a older version of the spotify app to try out? That's the only differens i can think of from that service dudes equipment.

Seems like its working with some tracks like Hole-Awful for example but not with a track like Bruno Mars - Marry you. How can that be possible?


Seems like if i have a playlist with 40songs it will let me in most cases play the first 20 of them and when it hits 21 it all pauses and wont continue. I tried this on a few playlist and the conclusion was that after 50% of the list it will stop. On starred playlist it wont play any song at all more that 2-3seconds. There must be some kind of bug in the software?


I really like Spotify, but maybe it have come to and end for me...

You may want to try downloading "Spotify for iOS4", which is a older version of the application.
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Allready tried that out, that's why im asking on the forum 😉 Tried everything i could think of before i asked for help.

FYI I just had this issue with my car stereo. Fixed it by forcing audio out with another app (Pandora) and then opened Spotify from a cold start while the audio was playing. Worked like a charm

Hey, just wondered if you solved this issue? Im having exactly the same problem - weird thing is it was working fine just a week ago, have since upgraded to premium and now it pauses within a second of iphone 4s going on docking station...wondering if you found a solution? Thanks

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