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Problem with Playlist Syncing!! HELP!

Problem with Playlist Syncing!! HELP!

So I have 805 songs that I starred and are on my offline playlist. I accidentally clicked the OFF button and it made all my playlist not available offline, so clicked it back so it can download them and it downloads up to the 260 song and doesn't move from there. There's no exclamation sign next to it, it just looks like it's downloading and stays like that. I tried un installing the app, turning off the phone, and closing and re opening the app but it keeps pausing after certain amount of songs. I'm using only my phone which is the iPhone 5 and I'm not using any computers with my account just my iPhone. Anyone know how to fix this, or what is causing the playlists not to sync completely? I have a flight tomorrow and want to listen to all my music not only some.
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