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Problem with downloading application for iOS

Problem with downloading application for iOS



I discovered a problem with downloading Spotify for iOS. I would like to try features of Premium accound and one of the best of them in my opinion is ability to have music with you on your phone.

When I'm trying to donwload a program the message appears, that Spotidy doesn't support Russian market. I read from your Help center, that you suggest to switch the Regional option. Currently I'm living in Finland. But there is a big problem. Applestore doesn't alow (by some stupid reason) to just swithch between markets. In this case you cant use applications, which you bought before in other Market area. So in my case I will loose many apps and games, I purchased before just in order to use Spotify...


Please do somthing with this! There is a lot of people traveling around the world, who would like to use Spotify and will to pay for Premium.


And why even USB connection to iPhone does not working?

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Hi shikuru, welcome to the Community!


While Spotify is availalbe in Finland, we aren't currently available in Russia. If you're trying to purchase the app from the Russian Applestore then it won't be available to you. 


If you're having trouble connecting your iPhone to Spotify please try just connecting both your iPhone and computer to the same WiFi. Connecting it via a USB can sometimes interfere. 

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