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Problem with longer local tracks!?

Problem with longer local tracks!?

So after the last update Spotify seems to get all messed up when playing local tracks. I.e. i have a local track that is over 7 hours long. It used to work fine both on the computer and ios, but now it seems I can't forward/rewind properly. Just to certain point. The track displays 473 minutes, wich is the correct lenght of the track, but if i forward to say minute 352 it does not playback sound from that actual moment. The display says one thing but the playback is all wrong. And furthermore I can forward the track untill 1 second left and when it reaches 00 seconds left on the track, it still keeps playing. So the track itself seem to work, but the actual scroll bar is all messed up, thus making it impossible to reach the later part of the track without putting it on the end of the bar and just wait.


Any solutions? Anyone aware of the problem?


Thnx for any help 😃

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Actually checking my ios now and it displays the track as 3:56:57 long although it is actually 7:53:55. I can forward to 3:56:57, but when it reaches that part the display stops but it keeps playing the track. The thing I described above with the full length displayed wrong seems to be on PC only. Still the same issue with not being able to forward to later part and track still playing after reaching the end of the track bar.

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