Problem with playing songs offline

Problem with playing songs offline

My brother just got an iPhone and he has Spotify premium on it, but when he download the songs to listen to them offline it looks like this and he can only play the songs with the green arrow. when he downloaded them they all had a green arrow but when he went somewhere without internet the arrows are grey as you can see... He tried to reinstall Spotify but it didn't work. How to fix this issue? 

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Sorry to hear you're having issues.


The songs with the green arrow next to them have been downloaded and are available for offline listening. The ones with the grey arrow are waiting to be downloaded. Depending on your settings, you might only allow this to happen over WiFi, so to get all the songs downloaded, connect to WiFi and have the Spotify app open and active (not in the background multitasking).


I hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any other issues.

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Hey @liebekatze43 I just wanted to add a bit more here. It looks like your brother downloaded those two offline songs in another playlist. When he then looked at the other playlist he only saw the songs available offline. 


If he wants all songs in this playlist offline, he should go back into Online Mode and click 'Available Offline' at the top of the MWK GEOMDASH playlist. 


Hope @dylan_grey and I helped!

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