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Problem with syncing

Problem with syncing



I recently purchased the 30 day Spotify Premium because I want to listen to music offline. The problem is, I've followed the instructions that are on the site, yet nothing happens. I've tried syncing with Wi-Fi and data. Only 5 of the songs have synced out of the 300 I want to sync. Syncing worked on my Mac but nothing is happening on my iPhone 5s.


I haven't closed the app or my screen.

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Spotify will stop downloading songs when the device you are using has a small available storage.
(sometimes even if you have 500MB-1GB available)
Try deleting apps and stuff you don't need and maybe that helps.

Check your internet connection too. Sometimes you seem to be connected to them but nothing really loads.
Maybe closing the app and its process helps.
If nothing works, then I would reinstall the Spotify app.

Hope this helps! ♫

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I'm also having this problem, and have had it since some time in early March. Been a premium user for close to five years, and have never encountered this problem up untill two months ago. 


- Both devices connected to the same Wifi; Have tried several different wifis as well.

- Tried cabled syncing.

- iPhone has 1.6 gb available and my iPad has 41,1 gb available. I doubt space has something to do with the issue. 

- Reinstalled app on phone, reinstalled client on desktop. Trying syncing from both a Windows and a Mac, none working.

- Tried an older version of the client (still dark theme); not working. 

- Tried chosing the track on my desktop, where it's stored, and play it on my phone using the built-in feature; did not work. 






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