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Problems with bluetooth in car

Problems with bluetooth in car



Every time you update the Spotify app it seems to get a new bug.

Your latest update has now made the Spotify app play music on the phones loudspeaker even if the phone is connected to the car stereo. 

If i disconnect and reconnect to the car stereo the music starts to play via the stereo. The stereo is a RCD-510 in a VW Passat.


When I got the car september 2011 spotify worked fine, but after you`ve updated the **bleep** out of the app you have managed to:

- Remove function from volume buttons on the phone when playing over bluetooth (not a problem for me)

- Messed up the duration displayed on the car stereo

- Problems with playing music over bluetooth


I understand that Apple has made some problems for you with the new iOS5, but surely you must be able to figure out what to do soon? Maybe hire some programmers that know what they do, or give a statement that explains why iOS5 is so horrible and destructive for your program? 


Best regards


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Hi I got a RNS 510 in my vw golf and i use the latest iOS on both my iphone 4 & 4S and latest spotify version and everything works greate. Did you try and remove the phone from the RCD and connecting it agin? Re install soptify?



i have a problem with the Spotify app on my 2012 VW GTI. The stereo is a RNS-315.


Everything worked fine till i connected my iPhone 4 (iOS 5.0.1) with the MDI-Port to charge.


Since then i still get a bluetooth-connection and on both displays (iPhone/Radio) i see that the music is playing, but i can't hear anything. On the radiodisplay the track-time is not the same as on the iphone.


I think i tried everything but nothing worked so far.


- restarted the phone

- reinstalled spotify

- turned the radio on/off

- deleted the bluetooth-connection from the radio and paired both devices new


btw. the iPhone 4s from my wife works perfect.. 😉


Pls can anyone help..


Best regards,



I has problems too with bluethooth in my car.   I used to play over buetooth and i got track name album etc and could also use  previous track, next track from the controller that is origanal on my Hyundai i30 premium, in combo with  pioneer avh 4400 bt. I use a non jailbreaked iphone 4.  


With ios 5 and last version of spotifys client  i had no avrcp problems at all, but as soon i went to ios 6, i has got the problems.  only volum up and down works than  playing now.. But if i change to play over cable i  has no trouble.


Dunno where to failture search couse has reinstalled spotify  without get it fixed . I hear some has downgraded to ios 5, and they than get it to work, so had been interesting to know where the matter is.. and i hope  its fixable without downgrade the ios version! I has a feeling it all are down to apple might have made a change to how bluetooth act in ios 6..

I too am having problems since upgrading phone to IOS 6. Spotify will stream from my phone to by avh 4400 but i can't controll it from the head unit and there is no data being sent with it. HUGE fail. I only pay for mobile so i can use it in my car, if its not going to work looks like its time to kill that monthy withdraw Spotify requires.


IOS 6 has been out for MONTHS to devs Spotify, how are you not ready?

I too have this problem now. I updated my iPhone to iOs 6.1 yesterday evening. This morning I got in my car and couldn't use my previous and next button from my radio-unit, spotify would just keep playing the current song. All the other buttons worked fine (volume up and down etc.). 


Spotify is latest version, radio unit I use is a pioneer DEH-7300 BT. A quick fix would make me a happy man.


EDIT: i have this problem when I'm using spotify on my iphone 4 ios 6.1 playing via Bluetooth. If I use the iPhone cable thats wired to my radio unit the previous and next buttons works fine.





Same problem here. Pioneer DEH-4500BT receiving BT-audio (+info data) from ipad ios 6.1. Streaming is ok. Skip track f/r is ok. problem is only FFWD/RWD that screws the BT-audio. After i press and hold SKIP to do the FFWD (or the RWD), Spotify starts to FFWD faster and faster and i lose any control of audio until i KILL the spotify process in ipad. In the same condition itunes works great. Please fix.

I'm having this issue aswell. 


I have Golf MK6 2011with the RNS510 GPS head unit and i can't control the skip or play functions. Its quite frustrating and from reading it seems to be a combination of bluetooth module in the car and spotify updating the **beep** out of the app. 


Is there a solution to this or is it a like it and lump it? 


Many Thanks

spotify user

I fixed this issue a couple of months ago. I found a driver update for my radio system. I had to place the new (updated) radio driver on a USB drive, plug it into my radio system and followed the instructions. Hope this helps!

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