Problems with my playlist


Problems with my playlist

Casual Listener

A few weeks ago I got some problems with my playlist. It was deleted and I didn't it, and for some strange reason, random playlists are added to my account, this problem is so annoying.


In addition, when I close the app and want to reopen it, I need to log in again because when I close the app automatically log out from my account. So annoying. 

Already, I uninstall the app and install it again but the problems still.


If someone of you had these problems before and have fixed it, I hope you can help me.


Just for the record, the problems are not only in iOS, in my laptop (windows) the problems are too.


Thank you.

- Jose Manuel Castro







iPhone 8plus

Operating System

iOS 12.2


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Re: Problems with my playlist

Hello @Casva23! It seems to be the problem here is that random playlists are being downloaded?..... I have a question. Have you ever mentioned your account username and password in the public? If you have, you might have been hacked and someone is using it.

Re: Problems with my playlist

Spotify Legend

Hey @Casva23,


Sounds like your account is being used somewhere else. We suggest that you go through the steps provided here for more info on how you can secure your account.


All the best!