Problems with syncing computer with Iphone 5

Problems with syncing computer with Iphone 5


Hi, I've had some problems with syncing my iphone to the computer. My Iphone will not show as a device on spotify on my computer. It has nothing to do with firewalls or anything like that. However, I think I know why it doesn't show, but I don't know what to do about it. The wifi at my college requires one to log into the school website after one has connected to the wifi in order to be able to use any other sites than the Schoolwebsite, and I am thinking that that could affect the connection between the iphone and computer? Because both the comp and iphone are connected to the same wifi. Please help

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The college WiFi might be the problem.

There have been several other people who have had the same problem with college WiFi.


The best thing to do would be to try a WiFi connection without restrictions. Might not be so easy for you though. 


I suggest trying a private WiFi network such as a home network. Public networks such as schools and cafes usually won't work.

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