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Problems with syncing

Problems with syncing

I've just upgraded to premium, but I'm having two issues when using mobile (iPhone 4, lastest iOS)


1. One of my playlists doesn't show any tracks available to sync in it on my mobile device. It happens to be an album, is it that I can't sync an album as a playlist?


2. Syncing seems to be *very* slow, even on wifi to my 80Mbs fiber connection. It also times out because it has been 'idle'. Why is this?

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I have big problems with syncing on my iphone 4 and premium account. When very often when it starts syncing it get back songs that and playlists taht I have deleted months ago and my new stuff are gone. After a while for some reason it find the correct playlists and I get the right stuff but next time it starts syncing, it can be the same. VERY annonying.  


I may have found one situation where it occurs and thats when I sync over 3G. I mostly works well when I sync over WIFI.



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