Que on iOS different then Desktop, and not on one of my devices...


Que on iOS different then Desktop, and not on one of my devices...

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iPhone Xr, Macbook Pro

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iOS 13, Mac OS Catalina


So every now and again I look at my phone screen (iPhone Xr on latest software) and I see something playing on spotify. It's playing somewhere on chrome, which I generally don't use. Also, it's music I've never heard of or played before. When I try to clear the queue on my iOS device, it repopulates with the same music a few minutes later. Then when I go look at my web player que, its the same as the iOS one, but different then the desktop que. I'm on a family premium plan. My kids use chrome on their laptops but wouldn't their info be separate? We don not have "family mix" turned on.


So my questions are these-


1) Is it normal for the queues to be different on different devices?




2) Why would something just start showing as playing on my phone, and not only that but that it's playing somewhere else entirely. Perhaps this is the "control other devices from this phone" feature?




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Ok Update: I've changed my password and logged out everywhere multiple times and still getting the issue...


Hey @byronhixon,


Thanks for reaching out to us about this, and thanks for trying those steps.


First off, do you mind trying a clean reinstall of the app on the devices that you're seeing this issue on?


If that doesn't work, since you mentioned you're on a Family plan with your kids, could you ask them if they recognise the music that's being added to your queue?


If not, could you send us a screenshot of the songs being added to your queue? We'll take a closer look.


Thanks! Keep us posted 🙂

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