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Question on how thumbs up/down effect music.

Question on how thumbs up/down effect music.

Hello there, thanks for reading my question. I wasn’t sure what category or community to put this in as it doesn’t seem to fit any of them well... but I just am curious how the thumbs up/down data works compared to Pandora (as I was previously a Pandora customer). 


In case you didn’t know, Pandora thumbs up and thumbs down only change the content that you’re receiving on that radio station. Thumbs up and thumbs down that you provide for that one station ( for example if I was playing Don Henley radio)  only affect that one radio. If I start a new radio station and I had thumbs down a song, it won’t have retained that information and I will have to thumbs down it again.


It appears this is different so far in Spotify? I just wanted to clarify on here if what I thought was happening is happening. Do you the thumbs up that you provide for a song affect all radio stations across the board and it’s over all music selection for you?


 I am in the 30 day trial, and if this happens to be true, it really affects my choice to stay with Spotify over Pandora. That is a huge upgrade to my music service.

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hello maclover0, welcome to the spotify family! when you thumb up or down on a particular radio playlist that information will only stay with that one radio playlist. The reasoning behind that is because some songs fit better on certain playlists than others, even if you do like the song. This perk allows you to custom tailor your radio playlists. Also, a little bonus is that you aquire a "liked from radio" playlist added to your own playlists so you can come back later and see all of the songs that you liked. hoped this was helpful, enjoy spotify!

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