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Queue is completely broken on multiple devices

Queue is completely broken on multiple devices

My Spotify "next in queue" has experienced a glitch I have never experienced before. It is fixed on a single playlist and will not change. I can play any single song from anywhere on my library, but the next song will always be the next in the order of the queue. I can also change the order of the queue (though only with songs from the one playlist of course), though the transition to that song is unusual. My screen will initially show the song and album cover that was going to play before I switched the order, before flashing to the new song. 

This bug exists on both my macbook and my iphone. On my macbook I can solve the issue by pressing the clear queue button, though this must be done every time i open spotify. On my iPhone, I have tried spamming the next song button until it reaches the end of the playlist, after which it will show no song being played and will not allow me to play any other song. I have to restart the app in this case.

Rebooting my iPhone and computer does not fix the problem. I am honestly stumped what to do. It makes spotify virtually unusable. At least the playlist it is stuck on isn't the worst...

this is on iPhone 8 IOS 12.2


Edit: As of an hour ago the issue has stopped. The entire bug lasted about 48 hours, and I have no idea why it went away, though im greatful nonetheless. However, the weird visual glitch when changing the order of the queue still remains. At least it is unobtrusive.


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It's pretty ridiculous that you can search this forum going back to 2014 and the same issues with the queue seem to continually return. How about adding a setting, maybe called "Keep the queue from annoying me", that keeps the queue from auto inserting itself ANYWHERE. Seriously, from a usability perspective, the queue is like big brother telling me what to listen to no matter where I am.  I    just    want    to    listen    to    my   playlist. 



Apple iPhone 8 64gb

Everything updated as of tody. 

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