Queue resetting itself


Queue resetting itself

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For some reason the queue spontaneously resets itself/removes tracks from the queue before I have finished with that run of songs. Is anyone else experiencing this issue? This is on an iPhone 6

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I've been expericing something similar, I believe. I'll select one of my playlists and start at a particular song somewhere in the middle. Checking the queue, I'll have the rest of that album set to play next. However, at some point through the song, the queue will randomly rearrange itself as if it was placed in shuffle mode--when it wasn't at all--or it just start at another song that was not on the queue yet at all.


Frustratingly enough, toggling the shuffle option only shuffles the mess and turning it off shuffle returns it to the same exact mess it was originally.


To clarify, I'm a premium user and I have shuffle turned off. 


I've attached picture showing what I mean. Can OP can confirm whether or not this is also what's happening to them?


Screencap 1: The song selected with the other songs in the album visible. (You can also see this is on my 2015 playlist)

Screencap 2: The queue after I selected "Lady of Death"

Screencap 3: Literally right after "Lady of Death" ended the song, Raise the Dead, started to play. This was the queue after I checked it. 


Casual Listener
Not to my knowledge. I suppose that could be what's happening. Here's a little better description of the issue:

Start listening to song from "Your Music/Songs," then use the right-swipe to add more songs to queue. After listening to several (3 or 4), the songs I queued up using the right-swipe are no longer in the queue, and it has resumed playing the songs that were in the queue by default after playing the initial song.

I suppose it's possible that it is reshuffling the queue, and the songs are just further down the list now, and no longer marked with the blue dot that signifies a song added to the queue manually.