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Queued 'Track Only Available Online' messages...

Queued 'Track Only Available Online' messages...

When i loose my 3G connection while playing online content, the app (IOS 5.1.1) gives me an alert saying:


'Track Only Available Online'

This track is nog synced and not

available offine. Connect to a

network and try again.

[ OK ]


The problem is... When not having a connection, Spotify seems to try to play the next song, giving the same error, and then trying to play the next song, and the error again, and the next song, and again etc...


It looks like al these errors are pushed into some queue, causing the same error over and over again after clicking [ OK ] in the alert. It happend a few times before now, closing the app completely seems to clear this queue, but it's not a nice solution.


I got this same problem today, so I counted the amount of alert I had to close before I was able to continue using Spotify. I think i lost my connection for about 1,5 - 2 minutes, but that gave me (yes, I really counted them) 182 of the same alerts! Please fix this...


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This is so annoying. I have spotty wifi coverage at work and I keep coming back to my phone to find a whole slew of these alerts waiting to show.

Hey guys 🙂 


It sounds like you are experiencing a known issue, as reported on the official bugs section here.



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