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Radio not working - error message

Radio not working - error message

For a couple of weeks now, when I navigate to the Radio screen, it just says "an error occurred. try again". I have the latest version of Spotify on the latest iOS on an iPhone 6+.


I have the same issue on Spotify for Mac. I tried logging out and back in, but that didn't work.


I am also unable to start radio from a song/artist.


Please help!

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I am also having this problem.  I havelatest iOS on a 5S.  For the last 2 weeks I've hasd no radio access.  Just 'An error has occurred: try again'.


I have uninstalled and reinstalled twice now and re-booted phone.  I've also removed devices from My Account at  I still have the same problem.  I've now stopped being a paid up Premium member until Spotify fix this.


Such a shame as I normally a big fan of this app.  I may look at Apple Music.

I am having the same problem and see exactly the same black screen and error message as you posted. Have you found a solution?


My account status is Spotify Premium. I'm using Spotify version 5.1.0 on an iPhone 6, which is the latest version as of this date. 


I've restarted my phone several times, and have also logged out of Spotify on all devices and logged in again, but have seen no improvement. I'd like to avoid uninstalling and reinstalling because I read elsewhere that when you do that you lose all of your downloaded music. It doesn't matter if I use WiFi, 4G or 3G - nothing brings up the radio screen. It stopped working about a week or two ago. 


Spotify Radio works on my MacBook (Spotify, so I know the problem is not with my account.


Suggestions anyone? 

Replyng to my own post here. I broke down and uninstalled Spotfy from my iPhone. Reinstalled it and still no radio. 😞

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