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Random Song Algorithm

Random Song Algorithm



This complaint has been a long time coming so please forgive the tone of this message. Spotify random song playing algorithms are atrocious! When playing radio, songs keep repeating multiple times. After a day or two of listening to a radio you're hearing the same songs over and over. Ironically, this gets worse if the station is based on a larger set of tracks i.e. playlist. Another thing - I went on a Paradise Lost artist profile today and hit shuffle play. Result: Only last 4 albums out of at least 10 are playing - if this is Spotify team's idea of good design, after being on the market for quite a few years then I think it's really time to cancel. 


I have never experienced these issues while using Pandora and Apple Music. It's really not rocket science to get it to work better. Don't have to reinvent the wheel.


Does Spotify team have any real desire to improve this? Any other users feel like this is also the case for them?

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